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In May 2019, Dr Mark and Dr Rhiarne officially opened "The Family Wellbeing Hub" in Ashmore. This is a space for Gold Coast families to feel supported and cared for by a variety of collaborating health professionals. 

Meet Dr Mark Scholes

​I am passionate about working with individuals and families with a variety of presenting concerns, including depression and anxiety, behavioural issues, trauma, grief and loss, etc. I work hard at understanding people, as we all need to feel understood and validated in this world filled with judgement and criticism. I believe there are deeper meanings and reasons why we go through hard times, and therapy can help to make sense of seemingly impossible situations. Therapy also acts as a catalyst in creating new energy for trying new ways of living and growing as a person. When therapy works well, it has a good balance between understanding problems and developing strategies to overcome them.


Along with clinical work, I am also very passionate and have a long history of providing Clinical Supervision (individual and group) to Psychologists and other health professionals. I have provided Group Supervision to Child and Youth Mental Health and other teams over the past several years. I am also a keen presenter on Systemic Family approaches, Trauma and Attachment issues, and other clinical topics.


In May 2019, I co-founded a new clinic “The Family Wellbeing Hub” in Ashmore with a group of fellow family-based practitioners. Our vision is to offer a range of independent wellbeing services that are centered on the importance and needs of the family and its individuals. Currently, The Family Wellbeing Hub contains psychological services for children, adolescents, families and adults with a range of psychological and social concerns. The Hub is a place where clients of all ages can seek support to improve their wellbeing.

To book a consultation with Mark please contact him direct on 0416 171 209

Dr Mark Scholes - Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Therapist

Hi, I'm Mark. I have been practicing as a Psychologist since 2002. I received my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Griffith University in 2005, researching Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and parents with depression. I have extensive experience working in government and non-government agencies, private practice, academic settings and schools. I have been working as a Senior Psychologist for Evolve Therapeutic Services (Queensland Health) for several years, specialising in the field of childhood trauma, children in care, and collaborative practice across services. My broad range of experience has helped me understand and appreciate the challenges of "family and organisational systems", as well as rise above these challenges and create change.

Dr Mark Scholes

Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Family Therapist

B.Psych (1st Class Hons), DPsych (Clinical)

Clinical Member AAFT

Dr Mark

My Story

I learnt from a young age that I was a good listener. I was described as laid back and calm. When I went to university, I discovered my interest in Psychology, and how interested I was in understanding why we all think and do the things we do. I have always been interested in getting to know people from all walks of life, and wanting to appreciate diversity and cultures. I find that helping people in therapy is a two-way street, in which I feel enriched and appreciative of the learnings that come from an empathic connection between people. I value supporting people through their tough times to create new meanings and direction. I also feel grateful when together we discover the inner strength and resilience that comes out in people when they come to therapy and take a break from life.

I am a family man, with my lovely wife Dr Rhiarne Pronk-Scholes (a Clinical Psychologist at The Family Wellbeing Hub) and our beautiful three kids. It is through my personal experiences as a husband and father that I have learnt how to truly appreciate the shared challenges of family life. I have had my best and hardest times of my life as a parent, but all of it has helped me grow as a person. This has helped me be the best therapist I can be, as I can connect with the defeated and beaten up parts of ourselves, as well as know that there is another side to you and me that we will discover together.

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