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Medicare rebates are available for psychology services via a Mental Health Treatment Plan. These can be obtained from your GP or through a referral from your child's Paediatrician/Psychiatrist. 

You may be able to claim a rebate if you have private health insurance - contact your health insurance provider to find out more. 

We are not Bulk Billing Psychologists.


Current session fees for both Dr Mark Scholes and Dr Rhiarne Pronk-Scholes are as of September 2023 prior to rebates (Note: These fees are subject to change, please confirm at time of booking).

  • 50 min session standard clinical consultation: $250

  • 50 min Telehealth video/phone consultation: $250

  • 1 hour Couple Therapy consultation: $230 (no Medicare rebate can be claimed for Couples Therapy sessions)

  • NDIS self-managed participants: 50 min $250

  • DVA clinical consultation: $213.90 (no out-of-pocket expense with a DVA referral)

  • 1 hour Clinical professional supervision: $200 (subject to additional GST)

  • Group/Team Supervision/Training In-service: Price to be negotiated

  • School observations/meetings/reports/stakeholder liaison: Price to be negotiated

Rebates Explained

Medicare rebates can be obtained via a GP referred Mental Health Treatment Plan via the Better Access Scheme. Individuals are able to obtain up to 10 sessions per calendar year with a Medicare rebate of $136.35 per session. 


Telehealth video/phone calls are also offered. Speak to your GP about your eligibility to obtain a Mental Health Treatment Plan referral (which would equate about $113.65 out-of-pocket per session). 


Private health insurance can also be claimed for sessions. Please note rebates will differ according to your provider. Please speak to your Insurance Provider for more information.


We are also able to provide limited NDIS psychology support for those on self-managed plans.


Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) clients can also be seen with a valid GP plan.

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