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Helpful and interest articles by Dr Mark Scholes & Dr Rhiarne Pronk-Scholes


Hints and Tips for Parents

Dr Rhiarne Pronk-Scholes offers some explanations as well as hints and tips for issues all parents face from time to time

Featured Podcasts with Dr Rhiarne

Dr Rhiarne Pronk-Scholes is well respected in her field and her friendly nature has seen her on many podcasts with her extensive knowledge as well as hints and tips. See the below podcasts for featured interviews.

Living life with a chronic medical condition is not always easy and some people find they may need to change the way they eat or exercise because of their condition. Listen as Justan discusses his own experiences with clinical psychologist Dr Rhiarne Pronk-Scholes and Health Coach Lauren Still.

It can be difficult knowing how and when to tell people about a chronic medical condition and it can feel isolating if those around you don’t understand what you’re living with. Listen as Justan and Rose discuss their own experiences about talking to family, friends and work colleagues about their medical conditions.

Living life with a chronic medical condition can be more than just tiring, and for some people, can be one of the most challenging aspects of their medical condition because of the day-to-day impact it has on life. Listen as Lana and clinical psychologist Dr Rhiarne Pronk-Scholes discuss the challenges that fatigue can pose and some strategies of how to live with it.

In this week's chat I am joined by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Rhiarne Pronk- Scholes to discuss mental health issues in motherhood and the many ways that mothers can get the support they need when times get tough. We discuss the signs to recognise when you feel your mental health may be deteriorating, what mothers truly need to be supported and where we are lacking in mother care support. We also touch on the difference between Postnatal Depression and Postnatal Depletion.

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